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Watch bride house Amazing Assyrian Wedding Toronto Wedding Amazing Assyrian Wedding Folk Dance Toronto Wedding randy maha Assyrian Wedding in Ontario, Canada ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ **************** *********** ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Weddings are very important celebrations in all cultures. Assyrian weddings, for example, consist of many different elements and rituals. In the past, Assyrian weddings traditionally lasted a week and every day had specific rituals. Today, weddings usually last for 2 to 3 days. A week before the wedding all women of the neighborhood and the in the family go to the bride’s house and make her a big honeymoon blanket. The needle is passed from one woman to the other and this way all guests sew a bit of that blanket. The young women dance around the bride and the old women sing songs and do the dabke. Another wedding custom is known as khyapta d’khitna or zyapta d’khitna or shower of the groom. All the men in the neighborhood and those related to the groom go to his house, cut his hair and shave his face. Then, they scrub him from head to toe, thinking that by doing this they will wash away the evilness. During this ceremony are played old customary folk songs.

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