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Watch The official music video for Atlantis by Bridgit Mendler feat. Kaiydo. Buy Atlantis on iTunes: Stream Atlantis on Spotify: Connect with Bridgit online! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud: Spotify: Follow Kaiydo: Lyrics: Atlantis Deep underwater Is where I left my love Clean at the surface Shallow to touch Nothing left He’s a wreck Buried deep in the sand Now I don’t Feel a thing When I’m holding his hand And I’m asking myself Will I shiver again Oh I know how to feel I know that love exists It’s asleep with the fishes Down in Atlantis Oh my lord where’s my soul How did we end up like this? Fast asleep with the fishes Down in Atlantis Dig a little deeper Baby hold your breath Seat at the counter Just give it a chance Every bro In the building With his back to the wall Not for me Be discreet I should try not to yawn I shut em down Shut em down Like a sniper on call Kaiydo: Oh and I know often we lose sight of hope, I know that you dont falter often when you do you grow, I know that life can have you lost as if yo compass, Ship adrift as at sea oh me just tryna be your rope And ion think you know the rest of it, Everyday is Friday so yo calendar irrelevant, Photo bombing planets, Never planned to take a better pic, Knocking on Atlantis doors Im surprised they let us in Ok I can see you working on yo patients, Working on yo nerves I need a better occupation, You just say the word and then we right back to the basics, When you out here balling guess you bound to catch a flagrant, Im just tryna wild out out with the fam, And we came from the bottom I dont think you understand, House up in the sky I guess that always was the plan, And you was flying wit me I think I forgot to land

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