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Watch [MV] 치즈(CHEEZE) - 어떻게 생각해(How Do You Think) 2016.06.16 RELEASE #CHEEZE #치즈 #Q #어떻게생각해 #HowDoYouThink More about CHEEZE @ [Album Credits] 치즈(CHEEZE) members / 달총,구름 Produced by 치즈(CHEEZE) Recorded by 구름 @studio ㅃㅃ Mixed by 구름 @studio ㅃㅃ Mastering by 구름 @studio ㅃㅃ Management / Magic Strawberry Sound Executive producer / Soda Chief Manager / 홍달님 A and R works / 홍달님, 정준구, 김은마로 Management works / 안성문, 정준구, 이예든, 이강문, 한정현 Artwork by 강동훈, Mandoo Yo, 양서로 Design by 강동훈 Calligraphy by 최지웅 @프로파간다 Profile Photo by 오지원 Profile Photo assistant by 최누리 M/V Production by 이래경(Jimi Lee) Teaser Film by 안지현 Hair by 구예영 @뮤제네프 Make-Up by 배지희 @뮤제네프 Stylist by 홍달님, 정준구 @9moon Official Commentary by 김설탕 Press work by 최혜미 Management support by 선우진아 Publishing by POCLANOS [M/V Credits] Cast /Jeon sonee, Jang jin sung Director / Itchcock Producer / Na hyunae D.O.P / Bae yoon hee Camera team /Yoo young gi, Park kyoung won Lighting / Kim kwang mln, Kim yeong jun Location / Park Chan mi Prop design / Yang seo ro D.I / Kim sang min (ARCO) Special Thanks to / Sunwoo jin A, Hong dalnim

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