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Watch Offshore and initial success Eventually, Bracegirdle founded his own record label, Modena Records, which holds the rights to all his songs and licenses them to other labels for release and distribution. A partnership with Leo Elstob produced the first Disco Citizens single, Right Here Right Now, in 1995, as well as the first Chicane single, Offshore, in 1996. Offshore would be the first of Chicanes many releases on edel UK Records and independent UK dance music record label Xtravaganza Recordings, then-newly founded by DJ and Bracegirdles college friend Alex Gold.[5] It reached #12 on the UK Singles Chart (and #1 on other UK-based charts compiled by Mixmag, Record Mirror, and others),[6] the top 40 in multiple European countries,[7] and #5 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play charts in 1997 upon re-release.[8] Its inclusion on numerous Ibiza-themed trance music compilation albums[9] (such as Café del Mar) attest to its popularity in the nightclubs on the island, one of the worldwide epicenters of dance music.

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