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Watch hi For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] In recent time, China is blooming develops, its military power, surprisingly.China is building a huge military capability to deal with air, Ocean and land war. Its regular military personnel are 2.3 million. China`s military has nearly 3000 modern fighter aircraft with 912 helicopter strength.It has a lot of boomer fighter and attack aircraft like Chengdu-10,11,15,31. These are all 4the generation fighter plane. China has improved its aircraft with advanced technology like Sokhoi-27, Sokhoi-30, Sokhoi-35 and Chengdu -20 (Black Eagle). China naval power is one of the biggest powers of the world. China has 715 naval assets, 1 aircraft carrier, 51 massive frigates, 68 modern submarines and much more. Thanks for Watching

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