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Watch Thurzo Zoltan plays Chopin Nocturne in C Sharp minor opus posthumus Zoltán Thurzó was born on 13/01/1983 in Oradea. He started his piano studies when he was 5 year old in his place of birth -- under the guidance of teacher Magda Schmidt , one year later (july 14 1989) he was already participating on public concert, since then he is giving concerts in Oradea and other citys and coutries in Europe. In the Artistic High School he learned piano playing under the guidance of Gyöngyi Ridzyk and Ildikó Pallagi , after he successufully graduated in 2003 , he applied to the University of Oradea- Faculty of Music where he continued his studies under the guidance of Lucia Pârvănescu and Nicoleta Badea-Ficuţ. In 2006 he got his diploma - as Piano Artist . He participated on a Course of International Summer Academy in Debrecen (Hungary), from 17 July till 30 July 2005 with piano professor Duffek Mihály, who is the Decan of Music Faculty from Debrecen. At the end of this course he obtained/received a diploma for participation/graduation. Zoltán Thurzó grew up in a muzical environment, winer of many competitions, he is participating in many concerts as a soloist or as a participant but he is recognized also as a great chamber- musician. He appears frequently on the concert platform. Until now he had over 480 appearances on concert platform in wich he played over 390 diferent piece from different well-known composers. An important part of his artistic work is represented in his recitals , concerts and chamber-music -- interpreting pieces by: J.S.Bach, M.Haydn, L.v Beethoven, W.A.Mozart, J.Field, R.Schumann, Fr.Schubert, Fr.Chopin, Fr.Liszt, J.Sibelius, E.Satie, B.Bartók, Z.Kodály, S.Toduţă, G.Enescu, E. Popovici, D.Voiculescu, Marco A.B.Coutinho, A. Vieira. Beacause of his talent , famous composers (from Romania and abroad) started to notice him since he was a little boy and dedicated to him some of their work like : Elise Popovici : 1989 - Tale; 1990 Jollity , Song; 1991- Memories , Play ; 1993- Theme and Variation for four hands ; Dan Voiculescu : 1993- Cântec de Seară Transilvanian (evening song); Marco A.B.Coutinho : 2002- Calmaria Nr.4 He is prepairng to louch a new CD in Brasil whit a compilation from Marco Aurelio Brito Coutinhos writings where he is performing as an interpreter. Beside the competitions in high school, competition beetwen high school, regional and national competitions, after he was declared winner of the „Ki Mit Tud? in Oradea in 2003, in 2004 he got an invitation to take part of the jury of the „Ki Mit Tud? finalist competition. In 2006 and 2007 he has been nomineed for the „Young Artistis award - by the Oradea town hall. In 2008 he will play all the pieces for piano solo from Zoltán Kodály (hungarian composer) and Toduţă Sigismund (romanian composer) in two concerts and whit this he starts his series of concerts where in the next years he plays all the complete piano works of Erik Satie, Paul Dukas, G.Bizet, (Fr.Chopins and John Fields complete Nocturnes) and also all the Symphonies of Beethoven in Franz Liszts transcriptions .

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