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Watch CNN Anchor’s Stunned When Fact Checker Confirms Hillary’s Corruption Brooke Baldwin shows the classic case of Hillary supporters wanting to believe that criticisms are fabricated. The idea that Clinton could get away with physically destroying evidence is so ludicrous to her that she was confident she could debunk it on live TV. As the video makes clear, Clinton was caught in the act of smashing devices with hammers. While this sounds like a rejected script from a criminal investigation show, it is another grain of evidence in the mountain of proof that Clinton is corrupt. She destroyed evidence in unprecedented volumes, lied throughout the investigation and committed enough criminal acts that it’s getting difficult to count them. No candidate in the history of this country has ever so clearly violated laws and regulations and still the liberal media tries to support her. For every outlandish claim they brandish against Trump, calling him a dangerous candidate, the real danger stems from Clinton. The bottom line is this: not a single one of Hillary’s claims in defense of the scandal have held up to scrutiny, and there is no greater threat to this country than enabling her corruption by giving her another office, much less President of the United States. _______________________________________________________________ BernieSanders , HillaryClinton , 2016 , DonaldTrump , Trump , Elections , Sanders , Community , Bernie , Republicans , election , hillary , Clinton , election2016 , GOP , OBama , Democrats , SupremeCourt , TedCruz , Senate , FeeltheBern , BarackObama , Politics , SCOTUS , 2016Election , ClimateChange , Vote rescued Arizona Science ,

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