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Watch This year has hit me right in the faith in humanity. Its hard to even pick which thing about it has upset me the most. And when I was writing this video, I just kept putting down more and more and more was very hard to stay on one track. Anyway, Im bummed out, but I just do my best to remember that the people I know in the real world are more than 90% super great, which means thats probably also roughly true of the general population. So thats something! This article that Joe Hanson sent me was helpful though (if a little thick): Also, if youre wondering why Im voting for Hillary Clinton, its not just because I think Donald Trump believes the whole world is a game for him to win at any costs, and that his presidency would significantly increase the odds of apocalypse (though they would still be quite low). Its also because shes accomplished a great deal of good in her career, which I talked about a bit here: And, unlike a lot of people, I actually relate to her a lot, which i talk about here: Do I have problems with Hillary? Sure...but theyre mostly with things that I dont know /anything/ about, like how to conduct the foreign and military affairs of the most powerful country in the world. I feel like we do that wrong in the U.S.. But I also freely admit that I have no idea what Im talking about when it comes to that stuff, and I think its pretty weird that so many people think they do. Anyway. Humans are great. Weve got our issues, but Im quite proud of us...even in this pretty unpleasant year. ---- Subscribe to our newsletter! And join the community at Help transcribe videos - Johns twitter - Johns tumblr - Hanks twitter - Hanks tumblr -

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