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Watch Creepiest Places Around The World – Earth can be a scary and haunting place, here are the most disturbing areas you don’t want to visit. Subscribe for more videos: Craziest Traditions From Around The World Bizarre Incidents of Taking Ones Own Life Famous Geniuses and Their Drugs of Choice There are some places that are just too creepy to ever want to visit, even if their history is extraordinarily fascinating. From a portal to Hell, to a cursed island made from human remains, here are 9 of the creepiest places around the world. Number 9: The “Door to Hell” In Derweze, Turkmenistan in 1971, Soviet engineers came across what they thought was a huge oil field. They set up their drilling rigs, and disaster, visit, haunting, disturbing, areas, earth, abandoned, cursed, ghost, haunted, restricted, areas, not, allowed, began to bore into the ground, when they realized that there was something else in the ground beneath them... They noticed that gas was beginning to leak from the cavern below, and feared that poisonous gas would spread to the neighboring towns, so they decided to burn it off. While they thought that the gas would burn out within a few weeks, Creepy, creepiest, places, around, world, scary, scariest, it has now been over four decades and the crater has continued to spew out flames. This seemingly unnatural phenomenon has captured the interest of scientists around the world, and most who visit are captivated by the relentless flames that refuse to be extinguished. Number 8: Pripyat, Ukraine In April of 1986, the bustling nuclear city of Pripyat in the Soviet Union held a Creepy, creepiest, places, around, world, scary, scariest,population of around 50,000 people. On the fateful day of April 27, 1986, the town was evacuated when a power surge at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant caused a reactor vessel to rupture, sending a highly-radioactive plume of fallout into the atmosphere. In a matter of days, the Pripyat, voodoo, Akodessewa, Aokigahara, Auschwitz, Povegliaonce lively city turned into a place of desolation and silence. Schools, hospitals, stadiums, and the ever-memorable Ferris Wheel in the deserted and overgrown Pripyat amusement park will remain a reminder of the tragedy that occurred in 1986, and the city of Pripyat will remain one of the most famous and eerie deserted cities of modern times. Number 7: The Catacombs of Paris Although Paris is usually thought of as one of the most peaceful and romanticAokigahara Forest, Poveglia Island, power plant, abandoned places, top 5, top 10, not allowed to visit, cities in the world, under the city lies one of the most intricate labyrinths of catacombs known to man. It is estimated that over 6 million bodies are buried in the tunnels, which stretch to a length of over 200 miles total. While some parts of the catacombs are partitioned off as part of an official museum, most of the catacombs remain off-limits to theweird, Chernobyl, nuclear, disaster, visit, haunting, disturbing, areas, public because of how easy it is to get lost in them, and how potentially dangerous some of the areas are. Despite being off-limits, many thrill-seekers and tourists visit these parts of the catacombs illegally, and quite a few have gotten lost in them. Many of the tunnels are pitch black and dead silent, and scattered along the walls and floor are the bones of men, women, and children from centuries ago... Number 6: The Akodessewa Voodoo Market - West Africa In the small country of Togo in West Africa, in the capital city of Lomé, stands the door to hell, Catacombs of Paris, Akodessewa Voodoo Market, Island of Dolls, Chapel of Bones, largest voodoo market in the world. The open-air flea-market-like bazaar contains some very bizarre artifacts, including a vast amount of animal earth, abandoned, cursed, ghost, haunted, restricted, areas, not, allowed, skins, skulls, and corpses in various stages of decay. Additionally, there are endless amounts of talismans and charms that have a variety of usages including warding off evil, bringing people luck, and even curing everything from the flu to infertility. Voodoo practitioners from hundreds of miles away travel to the Akodessewa Market to obtain all of their voodoo necessities such as money skulls, alligator tails, and leopard skin. The piles upon piles of animal carcasses may be a shock to people unfamiliar with the practices of animal Number 5: The Island of Dolls – Mexico A few miles south of Mexico City is a small island inhabited by some very strange occupants — hundreds of unique dolls scattered throughout the trees and brush. The caretaker of the island, Don Julian SantanaCreepiest places, around the world, creepiest places around the world, weirdest places, Barrera, supposedly found a little girl who had drowned in the nearby canals. Floating in the water

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