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Watch Cryfull Story Hazrat Loot AS ki Qaum Par ALLAH ka Dardnak Azab ~life changing emotional bayan HD, DISCRIPTION: moulana tariq jameel (a greatest islamic scholar) is saying about a real islamic story about tormenting on the nation of hazrat loot A.S (hazrat lut a.s) that how they refused the true dawat of islam and asking for a torment as ALLAH promised to torment the nation who will refuse the true religion of islam so moulana tariq jameel is tellig in this bayan that how ALLAH torments the nation of hazrat loot a.s. when the nation of lut a.s passes away from their way than hazrat lut a.s asked to the angels that when ALLAH will torment his nation? the angels replied that wait a little bit not now but ALLAH will torment them tommorow when the sun is rising up in morning and new day is going to start than ALLAH will torment them. The whole town of hazrat loot a.s was sitting in the ground Because ALLAH raised the earth up in air and hit down and it made a ghour (ghour is a word of arabic language which means sitted down). kindly must subscribe to out islam channel for regular updates of latest islamic videos of top class scholars and also invite your friends to subscribe our islam channel because it is sadqa e jariya for you. Qaum e Lut Ki Beheyai aur Allah Ka Azaab,lut a.s ki qoam pe Dardnaak Azab Ki Kahani,prophet loot a.s ki be haya qoam,Historic Stories of Prophet Loot A.S time, Quran’s Story of Lut [Loot] AS,Lut AS [The Corrupt City],The Destruction of the People of Lut (AS) Those who Indulged in Sin,Is the Dead Sea place where people of Lut were destroyed,islam channel,. Thank You For Watching Our Video Kindly Please Must Subscribe To Our ISLAM CHANNEL For More Latest And Wonderfull New Islamic Videos our youtube channel link is you can also follow us on facebook our islamic group (Islam Channel) link is:

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