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Watch Kunal Kamra’s stand-up acts make the audience uncomfortable at some point; especially couples - they aren’t spared from his witty barbs. “On stage, I do not believe in drawing a line — that’s reserved for jokes that are unfunny,” says Kamra. His whose best sketches are jokes about cabbies, life as a bachelor and ridiculous advertisements on television. He is set to perform an hour-long show today, called Bro, When Are You Performing Next? The show features both old and new material. “Some of the audience members at the event are mostly people who’ve seen me before, and will easily get the context of my jokes. This also means there’s less pressure on me to get a laugh every 11 seconds and everyone’s guaranteed a good time,” says Kamra, who has been pursuing a career in advertising for over a decade now. Destiny’s child Interestingly, Kamra’s first professional show at Blue Frog in 2013, took place within months of him starting as a stand-up comic. It was a matter of being at the right place at the right time. Before that evening, however, Kamra was just a regular advertising executive with Corcoise Films. He decided to venture into stand-up comedy to beat the monotony of his job. “My friend and stand-up comedian Siddharth Dudeja suggested that I try my hand at comedy; he thought I had a knack for one-liners and witty jokes. He mentioned this to me when we were working on one of his sketches,” says the 27-year old. His Blue Frog gig, too, was a matter of pure luck. Kamra was at the venue to catch up with his friend, comedian Karunesh Talwar, who was a headliner at the event. However, due to some misunderstanding, Talwar couldn’t show up as he was busy elsewhere. “The first act was sinking and the organisers were rather desperate. They knew I had been doing stand-up spots and asked me to fill in instead,” he shares. gainst all odds Continuing as a working professional at his day job, Kamra says it gets difficult for him to write content on current events, on a daily basis. But he seems to have worked his way around that too. “I choose topics that can work for longer periods — I pick mundane scenarios and focus on the bizarre and absurd elements to create my content. The idea is to be as good as the comedians that I look up to,” says Kamra, who counts comedians like Douglas Stanhope, Louis CK and Bill Burr as his idols; while stand-up comedians like Anuvab Pal and Karunesh Talwar are his favourites from the country. TVF - Total Viral Fever features the funny videos and latest news, stories, debates related to Politics and Bollywood. This channel also explores the secret truth of India and about the world. We try to reveal the truth of Politics, Bollywood and viral videos in the best possible way.

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