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Watch Get a free trial of this dwg-based CAD software on ARES Commander provides all necessary tools to correctly create dimensions for a technical drawing. Much more than a cost-effective alternative to AutoCAD for CAD in dwg, ARES Commander 2016 brings your productivity to the next level with new XtraTools and a unique concept: The Cross-device CAD Experience. ARES Commander is the first CAD Software running on Windows, Mac and Linux + now Android (and soon on iOS) with the new ARES Touch. For more than 30 years now, Graebert has been renown as an innovator and ARES Commander is the third generation of our CAD technologies after FelixCAD and PowerCAD. ARES Commander 2016 concentrates the best of our CAD technologies that are currently used by more than 7 Million of professionals around the World.

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