Click to Watch in HD > परिणिता, Dirty Picture जैसी फ़िल्मों में काम करने के बाद, अब विद्या बन गई हैं CBFC की मेंबर

Watch Parineeta, Dirty Picture, including after working in films, now a member of went into lore CBFC Bollywood actress Vidya Balan has also been selected as member of CBFC. With Vidya Balan Gautam Tdimalla Narendra Kohli, Naresh Chandra Lal, Neil Herbert Nongkynrih, Vivek Agnihotri, dwarf centers, Ti.asknagbrana, Rmesh Ptnge, Vani Tripathi, Jivitha actor and Mihir Bhuta are also elected members of the CBFC. Vidya said, I am very happy to CBFC Join and I will try to fulfill all the responsibilities of Menmr a CBFC. I am optimistic for the new Phase of cinema, where the reality of our society and will be shown the evil. CBFC has been reconstituted for the next 3 years. Vidya has acted in great films like Parineeta, Kahaani, Dirty Picture. In films, they played different types of roles. At the same time, their statements on different topics are also priceless. We hope that they will not have to see us by downloading many great films illegally.

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