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Watch DJ Premier and The BADDER Song title: BPATTER DJ Premier and Band management- Ian Schwartzman [email protected] Video Directed by- Hastings and Santana of Atomicus Films Daniel Hastings IG- @Dannyhastings Mixed by DJ Premier and Parks PRESS INQUIRIES- Matt Conaway [email protected] Artist socials: DJ Premier FB- @DJPremier IG- @DJPremier [email protected] Lenny The Ox Reece FB: Lenny Theox Reece IG: the_oxx Brady Watt Twitter: @nyceonthebass IG: @nyceonthebass Mark Williams Twitter: @MarkplaysTbone IG: @Markplaystrombone Takuya Kuroda Twitter: @TakuTrumpet IG: @TakuTrumpet SUBSCRIBE to DJ Premiers official Premier Wuz Here Channel for more original material, music video premieres, and more: More Preemo: (Like) (Shop) (Photos) (Follow) (Listen)

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