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Watch Donald Trump singing the song Mahna Mahna during Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Second Presidential 2016 Debate. Please comment, thumbs up, and subscribe The second debate took place on Sunday, October 9, 2016, at Washington University in St. Louis, moderated by Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC. A POLITICO Morning Consult poll showed that 42% of respondents considered Clinton the winner of the debate, while 28% considered Trump the winner, and a slightly higher percentage (30%) were undecided. An NBC News SurveyMonkey poll showed that Clinton won the debate with 44% to Trumps 34%, while 21% said neither won. A Reuters Ipsos poll found that among those who said they watched at least portions of the debate, 53% said Clinton won while 32% said Trump won. A Baldwin Wallace University Community Research Institute (CRI) poll of likely Ohio voters showed that 52% found that Clinton won the debate, 31% that Trump won, and 17% found that it was a tie. According to a Qriously poll of likely voters in eight key battleground states, 44% gave the win to Clinton while 33% gave it to Trump. Trumps claim that he won the second debate with Hillary Clinton in a landslide in every poll was found to be false by Politifact, which noted that not only did Trump not win by a landslide margin, he didn’t win any of the polls at all. According to Nielsen, approximately 66.5 million people watched the second presidential debate on television across 11 networks.

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