Click to Watch in HD > Doshy and Conrank - Flash Wiggles (Official Video)

Watch Doshy - Hijacked (STRT007) Record/Vinyl Limited to 250 copies! Heavy vinyl, one tune per side: A Hijacked B Ghetto Bird (feat. G Jones) Vinyl by The download includes eight more tracks! Tracklist: 1.Automatic Drug Booster 2.Doshy and G Jones - Ghetto Bird 3.Hijacked 4.Doshy and Conrank - Flash Wiggles 5.Cybergrime Industries 6.Malfunction 7.Prostetic Removal 8.Prostetic Removal (Conrank Remix) 9.Prostetic Removal (Joney Remix) released 19 December 2013 Mastering by Bob Macc Artwork by Thomas Wahle

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