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Watch (Video strictly for News Reporting/Educational purposes) A Western Australian driver was apparently so engrossed in her mobile phone she failed to notice a police officer with his lights and sirens on, trying to pull her over. The woman copped a $400 fine and three demerit points for using her phone while driving at Subiaco. In a video released by WA Police, the officer on a motorcycle can be seen pulling alongside the woman’s Volkswagen Golf, while still has her phone in her hand. The lights are green, the officer says from his motorbike through her open window, but the woman is so oblivious to the situation that she simply drives off. Unaware that the friendly advice had come from a cop, she continued her journey and was still unaware he was trying to pull her over even when the lights and sirens came on. The officer caught up again when the woman ran into more traffic. “When were you going to stop for me?” the annoyed police officer asks through her open window after pulling alongside again. “That’s why you don’t use your mobile phone while you’re driving.” *Source: Yahoo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ✔ FOLLOW us for the latest NEWS and EVENTS: ► ► (@365newschannel) ► ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ► About the video / Community guidelines: 365NEWS is a news channel where we strive to show people the news that has been left out of the main-stream media. These footage is NOT intended to be violent or glorify violence in any way. Its also part of an ongoing documentary on events that shape our perspective. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and educating. ► If you have any questions or would like to send us footage, please contact us via Facebook or YouTube message here:

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