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Watch Earn Money Online Daily from Best Earning PTC Site दैनिक अनलाईनबाट पैसा कसरी कमाउने ============================ Please, sign up adstimer using given below link to be benefited ============================ Adstimer is a amaizing site to earn online money if you daily work 10-15 minutes everyday to collect BAPS on this site. It is also the PTC Site (Pay to Click service) Where you can earn/Make money by viewing advertisements and advertiser will be benefited by displaying their advertisements to increase their website traffic as well as sales. Adstimer is simple and easy to understand for everyone who are interested to make money online. We can earn money by Collecting BAPS-viewing the advertisements. Every day you will receive 20 BAPS chich makes 200 points every day, First 8 days you will not get paid once you reach 1600 BAPS then you will be entered into group 1 then you will be receiving paid ads. You will get paid through Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and Netller with Minimum Payout USD $5. You need to collect minimum 1600 (Bonus Ads Point) BAP to be able to receive daily paid as well as when you entered into group 1 you will started to ge paid BAPS, It gives Paid Ads and Bonus Ad Points every day, you can also check daily paid ads of every group, we allocate the Paid Ads money between our users according to how much BAP they have. Groups and Bonus Ad Points : BAP Group 1 : ----- 1600 to 14000 BAP Group 2 : ----- 14000 to 26000 BAP Group 3 : ----- 26000 to 51000 BAP Group 4 : ----- 51000 to 98000 BAP Group 5 : ----- 98000 to 184000 BAP Group 6 : ----- 184000 to 369000 BAP Group 7 : ----- 369000 to 740000 BAP Group 8 : ----- 740000 to 1600000 BAP Group 9 : ----- 1600000 to 3200000 BAP Group 10 : ----- 3200000 to 6500000 BAP Group 11 : ----- 6500000 to 21000000 BAP Group 12 : ----- 21000000 to 50000000 BAP Group 13 : ----- 50000000 to 100000000 BAP Group 14 : ----- 100000000 to 300000000 BAP Group 15 : ----- 300000000 to 600000000 BAP Group 16 : ----- 600000000+ Higher group will be receiving higher paid ads. Keywords to Search this Video Make Real Earnings Adstimer,,Best Earning PTC Site Adstimer Review, Make Money with Adstimer, Earn Money Online Daily from, Earn Money with Adstimer, Make Money Online in Nepal Earn Money Online in Nepal Collect BAPS and Earn Money in adstimer Nepali Online Earning Course PTC site to Earn Money Best Earning site of PTC adstimer complete review, Adstimer -Full course nepali Talim Nepali Training ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ✓Subscribe ✓Support ✓Like ✓Share✓Comment✓Learn✓ 1. How to Earn/Make Money on YouTube Complete Training Course युट्युब बाट कसरी पैसा कमाउने पूरै श्रृंखलाहरू 2. ब्लग सम्वन्धि तालिमहरू (Blogger Tips and Tutorials) 3.सामाजिक संजाल तालिम (Social Network Training) 4.Software Training सफ्टवेर तालिमहरु =========================================== ✓Subscribe ✓Support ✓Like ✓Share✓Comment✓Learn✓ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nepali Talim (नेपाली तालिम)-Nepali Training (Nepali-नेपाली) –नेपालीमा युटुबमा कम्प्युटर इन्टरनेर र प्रविधी सम्वन्धी तालिमहरूका लागि Computer, Internet and IT Trainings Videos in Nepali Language Email : [email protected] Blog : Don’t Forget to Subscribe Our YouTube Channel Authorized Blog/Facebook Fan Page/Twitter 1.Please, Like Our Facebook Fan Page : 2.Connect with Facebook Account : 3.Follow Us Twitter Account : 4.Follow Us Our Google + Account : Disclaimer, We Very Welcome You to Watch, Like, Share and Comment on Any Uploads of Our Channel Nepali Training But, Editing and Re-upload Anywhere else is strictly prohibited.

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