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Watch Easy Spelling Aid is actually much more than a spelling and reading helper - as if that was not already enough! It is a very special go-to literacy and learning tool that defeats dyslexia and dysgraphia through the use of colour backgrounds and special fonts. Also, beyond giving kids instant help to spell problematic words, it is a friend to children at the primary level from all backgrounds because it boasts superior, accurate and incredibly fine-tuned speech recognition in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Japanese and more. Through this educational compelling app, young students everywhere are starting to enjoy the benefits of self-directed learning by not having to wait for help from parents or teachers, which is a big plus. It even helps kids learn about homophones and to better understand word usage by giving them exercises in comprehension and vocabulary, even going so far as to use context to determine the correct spelling of a word; for example, “they’re playing over there, in front of their house” or “two friends had too much to eat” Extraordinary stuff! What makes Easy Spelling Aid unique is that it breaks away from simply teaching a list of spelling words. Instead, it acts as a tool when a child is faced with a word they do not know how to spell. Improving literacy performance and working to help children learn to spell is a significant part of the app’s design, value and purpose - which sets it apart from anything we have seen. Try testing the app to its limits, by speaking the word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ into the app , it replies instantly, spelling the word correctly. The app really easy to use. Simply press the microphone button, speak the word or phrase and receive the correct spelling, displayed in one of the Australian, New Zealand, US or UK primary school writing styles. We believe without hesitation that Easy Spelling Aid is a real game changer and well worth downloading straight away.

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