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Watch Flight report #3 Flight Details: Tuesday 30 December 2014 Emirates EK355 Singapore SIN - Dubai DXB Airbus A380-800 Hey guys, heres another flight report. This was my first time flying with Emirates, and also my first time on an Airbus A380. It was an impressive aircraft, but I would prefer if I could take this flight during the day. If you liked the video, please could you hit the like button, and subscribe :) Any suggestions you have on how I could improve would be much appreciated - just leave a comment below! :) I will be free in June (2016), so I am thinking about modifying and improving my blog with my travel pics and flight reports (in words with pics), so if you could check that out in a couple months that would be great! YouTube video mentioned in video: Emirates OnAir Inflight WiFi Speed Check: Please Like my Facebook Page: Follow Me on Instagram: @dhilanpatel15 (Instagram and Twitter)

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