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Watch VO Laos, Vietnam will strengthen their cooperation in forest conservation in border areas INTRO: Laos’ Department of Forest Inspection and Vietnam’s Forest Protection Department have held discussions on furthering their cooperation in forest protection and stemming the illegal timber trade between the two countries. STORY: Officials from the two departments met in Vientiane yesterday to draft plans for cooperation in forestry from 2017-18 and over the next five years from 2018-2022. Official said, Plans for 2017-2018 would continue to follow the 2012-2017 Memorandum of Understanding between the departments to share lessons learned and tighten cooperation, especially on cross-border timber trade issues. The two countries’ neighbouring provinces will strengthen their cooperation in forest conservation in border areas by doing more to prevent deforestation in local communities.The plans will focus on cooperation in the wood processing industry under the forest protection system in Laos. Laos and Vietnam cooperate not only in forest protection but also in the fields of education, and trade and investment. They also cooperate in science and technology, natural resources and the environment, agriculture, telecommunications, labour, culture, museums, and tourism. Partnership in forest protection aims to achieve the Forestry Strategy to the year 2020 which is endorsed by the Lao government and is reviewed and revised according to changes in socio-economic and natural conditions. ໂທລະພາບແຫ່ງຊາດລາວ Television Nationale Lao Chommany street, Ban Sivilay,Muang Saythany District, Vientiane Lao PDR, P.O.Box 5635, Tel+85621 710067. E-mail: [email protected]

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