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Watch Subscribe to Full Course here - GS Paper IV is related to ethics, integrity and aptitude which includes Ethics and Human Interface; Attitude; Aptitude and Foundation Values for Civil Services; Emotional Intelligence; Contribution of Moral Thinkers and Philosophers from India and World; Probity in Governance and Ethics Case Studies based on these issues. This paper has the potential to fetch highest marks among all the other GS papers.The case studies part carries a weight-age of 50% is of 125 marks. Case studies portion assimilates learning from all the other subtopics under this paper and makes use of the logic of individual students in specific scenarios. This course will provide direction to the logic of the students, using which one can score up-to 80% marks in the case studies portion of this paper and hence improve the chances of selection.This course includes discussion on 100 case studies of which 70 to 80 will be discussed in the class and will be in form of 2 way dialogue between students and the teacher. Remaining 20 to 30 will be given as assignment which will be evaluated followed with One to One discussion with the student. There will be a full length test which will include theory and case studies. Alok Dubey Sir has experience of 4 yrs of teaching GS paper IV and Indian Economy in reputed institutes for Civil services examination across Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Lucknow.

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