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Watch When two nerds get confronted by their sports loving friend about a fantasy football app, they realize that theyre not so different after all. Check out Fan Duel here with my promo code for perks and contest entries: Joe Bombos Twitter: JoeyOverdoses (White Joes) Twitch: Hey everyone so I want to announce Im running a CONTEST to give away a FREE NFL JERSEY priced up to $100 of your choice to go along with this video. All you have to do is leave a comment on the video, like the video, and sign up for Fan Duel using my promo code Portal and participate in one of your first five discounted contests. You can also just sign up using this link: Just make sure you take a screen shot of the confirmation page showing you signed up, and one of you playing in a contest to prove you actually signed up and played so you can claim your prize if picked. If you dont, someone else will be chosen so PLEASE dont forget! THE CONTEST WILL END ON OCTOBER 14th so you have plenty of time and if you get a friend to sign up as well, Ill enter you twice, just send me both screen shots and your youtube name to my email [email protected] ALSO I know a lot of you may have no interest in fantasy football, but if anything you could still be entered to win the jersey even if you decide the apps not for you in the future. Who knows maybe youll realize you like it and can win money competing in games on the app. If you guys have any questions just reply to this comment below and Ill happily answer them. Or email them to me at [email protected] Concept/Written by Nathan McMasters Filmed by Nathan McMasters Edited by Nathan McMasters Actors (Left to Right): Joe Forrester Joe Bombo Nathan McMasters Check Out My 2nd Channel: McMastersTV: Follow me on Twitter: Nathan: You can personally contact me at [email protected] for business inquiries.

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