Click to Watch in HD > FIRST BLOOD - These are the rules - Practice session -Raphael Saini - Drums - 2017

Watch Hi Everyone, this is me practicing before First Blood European Tour. As many of you know Ive been unable to play in the last weeks due to an injury after the show in Allstedt. Today 11th September 2017 I can finally walk without crutches, you can keep in touch with me through my FB page. Cameras: ZOOM Q8 Front, ZOOM q2N feet Mixed by Alb Bandino at Cutfire Mixing studios: ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­----------------------- Follow Me: ►Subscribe to channel - ►Facebook - ►Online Store - ►Instagram - ►Twitter - ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­------------------------- Raphael Saini (ab)uses: ►TAMA drums: ►MEINL cymbals - ►IRON COBRA pedals - ►PRO MARK sticks - ►EVANS drumheads - Raphael also supports: ►Against Clothing, Serial drummer clothing, Drumdisk and Bode Music Gear.

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