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Watch I was wondering how to get my son to sleep at night so decided I would record a lullaby. I chose this one and it really works for him (he is exactly eight weeks old as I post this). It seems to work better if I sing along as well, either singing a harmony, mimicking the main vocal or singing along an octave higher than the main vocal. Laying him on my chest so he can feel the vibration of me singing seems to work quite well too. This is just a short song which repeats about one hundred times, giving you time to get your baby to sleep. Good luck if you decide to give it a go, just let me know if it works. There are English words for the song Frère Jacques, it is sometimes known as Brother John or Are you sleeping?, but I much prefer the French version. Apologies for not attempting an accent, I find singing difficult enough already! (Music and pictures produced by and Copyright Daniel Willows 2013.)

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