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Watch Get 1st 10000 Youtube Views I Secrets to Reach the Top of Youtube Subscribers Counter Graph Learn Best Ways to reach 10000 youtube views fast, youtube subscribers big secrets. Real way to get youtube subscribers and viewers faster. Welcome to Awais Ali TV: ►Be My Friend on Facebook : In this video I will show you how to promote youtube channel and drive more views for your videos on YouTube. You will find best way to engage youtube subscribers. ►To go to the show playlist ►Follow Me on Twitter : ►Follow Me on Google Plus : Make your youtube subscriber graph high, Earlier this year, YouTube made some changes in its policies, In which the most influential change is supposed to be at least ten thousand views on YouTube channels to earn from AdSense.Every youtuber is busy to reach his 1st 10000 views immediately. To reach this goal, youtubers use fake views. Youtube thoroughly monitors all activities, fake views and subscribers is against the youtube policies. YouTube does not like violation of their policies, In a result, Thousands of channels have been suspended. Now the question is how to get real views and subscribers free and fast. There are thousands of videos on YouTube have been described real ways to get YouTube views and Subscribers. Many Youtubers encourage to adopt illegal ways to get views and subscribers but in most of videos, you are told real ways to get subscribers and real youtube views. in this video, I am going to tell you working and real secrets to reach real youtube views, permanent youtube subscribers. If you followed these ways then, In Sha Allah, soon you will see flowing your channel. I, myself have tried these ways and got good results. In this video, may you could find some comments laughing at me, saying your own viewers and subscribers are in hundreds, Why you did not benefit yourself from these secrets and get millions of viewers and subscribers? I don’t say that you will get thousands of viewers and subscribes immediately but I assure you and it is 100 % guaranteed that if you will follow these ways, your yt channel views will increase day by day and number of youtube subscribers will start growing. No.1 for some period, leave counting views and subscribers. Show patience and hard work, start uploading minimum one video daily. This is the biggest secret to grow youtube channel.No one can deny this fact. Ive seen that when I started posting one video daily, my youtube views and subscribers grew rapidly. But when I left daily routine and started uploading videos after 2 or three days, number of views and subscribers on my channel got decreased. As our videos grow up, the number of different video titles, tags and keywords is also increased on our channel. These titles, tags and keywords are the source to bring people to our channel and access our videos. The more videos on your channel, the more you have the chances to appear in search engines results daily. Uploading a daily video, your channel remains in the eyes of different people and search engines. But if you upload a video after a week, you do not get the reward that your channel needs. The more the content on your channel, blog, or website, you get so many opportunities to appear in search results. No.2 Install TubeBuddy extension. It tells which time is the best to upload videos to increase views. If you are unable to upload video on best time, schedule your video to post on the best time. At the time of uploading select Schedule and time, your video will be uploaded automatically will be posted on the time that you have selected. No. 3 After uploading a video, share it on google plus, facebook, twitter and other social media sites. 1st 24 hours for a video are most important. Within 24 hours of uploading, if your video gets 100, 200 views, YouTube starts helping to promote your video. For your ease, I have posted 02 videos having lists of youtube related facebook and google plus communities to share videos and get youtube views and subscribers. Don’t watch your own videos, watching own videos will be counted as fake views, youtube will ignore your videos, your video will never be ranked. Views will decreased. Due to lack of knowledge new youtubers watch own videos to check comments, this is bad. To see or reply comments, don’t open your video, use this path to reach comments section, here you can view or reply comments No.4 Collaborate with a channel related to your channels category, it is another best way to promote your channel. What is tubebuddy : Facebook groups for youtube promotion : Google plus communities to promote youtube videos

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