Watch Giant Anaconda attacks man in Brazil. Worlds largest anaconda found in Brazil? This giant anaconda in Brazil attacks a man. is It the worlds largest anaconda? Is this anaconda gigante the worlds biggest snake? Giant Anacondas are back and theyre on the attack!!! INTRO We havent done a giant anaconda video in about a minute here at Hoax Factor. I thought I was done with these kinds of videos ...that was...Until This image landed on my cluttered desk here at Hoax Factor world headquarters in beautiful downtown katmandu. (slum town ) This image of a giant anaconda being held up by some kind of monster machine as two construction workers take some pics. #Giant Annaconda Attacks My first thought on seeing this image was..OMFG really another giant anaconda video!!!! So I did a bit of research and found out..yes..these creepy bastards are more popular than ever. This is just this weeks uploads on YouTube.... Check this one out chick on the beach getting eaten up by a snake... damn I bet she used to be hot. This girl down here is all like...”I aint gonna be a victim but a victor!” Check her bad ass out, shes gonna ride that giant anaconda back onto land and go attack a gorilla in a zoo. This one here has to be my favorite...we got Kris Kringle, or Santa Claus fighting off this giant anaconda Now back to the image that was submitted... The story behind it is that the snake was discovered in Brazil. Hence the title. Giant Anaconda Found In Brazil. Apparently while working on the Belo Monte Dam the workers set off a controlled explosion in a cave. The snake is real and according to reports it weighed over 400kg and measure about 10 meters in length and over one meter in diameter. The video is real... and so is the image. The photographer just used a bit of forced perspective to make that impressive monster look bigger than it even is MORE GIANT ANACONDA ATTACKS VIDEO ON HOAX FACTOR: Lion VS Giant Anaconda Snake - Real Fight Giant Snake Caught in Red Sea Giant Anaconda Snake VS Dog - Real Fight Giant Snake - Anaconda Eats Man Alive Lets Connect -- -- -- Our Other Channels: - Always Angela:

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