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Watch Thank you Zimpli Kids for sending us Slime Baff to try for free. Sunshine is taking a huge Slime Baff! For more fun we added ball pit balls. Every bath time needs toys. Disney’s Elsa from frozen, Princess Rapunzel, Snow While doll and MLP My Little Pony girls. Visit our channel for more fun videos ❤ Video Links from Annotations ❤ Crocodile Dentist! Dare and win Surprise Eggs with Disney toy GELLI BAFF BATH!!! Fun like Squishy or Slime Baff, surprise toys ❤ More Surprise Toys Videos ❤ GIANT SURPRISE TOYS POOL with BALLOON DROP and Kinder eggs Indoor Playground Family Fun for Kids- Funderdome , Indoor Play Area Plac zabaw ❤ Music ❤ YouTube Surprise Collector and Sunshine are passionate about kids toys and surprises. We do Play Doh surprise videos every week! On Mondays we love learning new things, like shapes, numbers or letters. Sunshines favourite things to do are playing in a ball pit full of rainbow coloured balls and having playground fun. We collect Surprise Eggs such as Kinder Surprise which have fun toys inside. It is a fun way to meet all of your favourite characters from Frozen, Peppa Pig, Thomas and Friends, My Little Pony, Paw Patrol, Disneys Toy Story, Barbie and more! For more fun, join us for our balloon pool parties! Join us on Surprise Collector and Sunshine. Big kisses!

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