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Watch Lyrics by: Jinyoung (박진영) Composed by: Jinyoung (박진영), Distract, Secret Weapon Arranged by: Secret Weapon *** For those who arent understanding the song: Mayday literally is May 1st, but it can mean help me (its like an SOS). Then basically, theyre calling for help - cause theyre missing a girl ? idk. (im pROUD OF MY BABY JINYOUNG) *** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track: 07. Mayday Album: FLIGHT LOG : Turbulence Artist: GOT7 (갓세븐) Year: 2016 Buy on iTunes: - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **FIND ME (◕‿◕✿): Twitter - Tumblr - Instagram - *Requests on my twitter/tumblr* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No copyright infringement intended.

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