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Watch 『花』すべての人の心に花を ✿ 夏川りみ ✿ (guitar)吉川忠英 ✩✩✩ 夏川りみ Rimi Natsukawa ✩✩✩ Rimi Natsukawa was born in Ishigaki City in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Rimi debuted in 1999 with her single Yuubaeni Yurete. In 2001, her third single Nada Sou Sou became a tremendous success: the song remained on Japanese music charts for 116 consecutive weeks. In 2002, Rimi performed for the first of five consecutive years on Kohaku Uta Gassen, the acclaimed New Year’s Eve television special that features the year’s best-loved musicians. 2002 was an exciting year for Rimi overall as she also claimed The Japan Record Awards prize for Best Singer. 「Japanese Okinawa music is wonderful.」 Surrounded by beautiful blue ocean and fringed with coral reefs, the Okinawa islands lie in the far southwest of Japan. For 450 years, Okinawa was an independent nation, known as the Ryukyu Kingdom. It developed its own distinctive colorful culture - especially its music.Gow has come here to discover the soul of Okinawan music.

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