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Watch VANILLA CAKE RECIPE: CREAM CHEESE FROSTING RECIPE: HALLOWEEN PLAYLIST: FALL PLAYLIST: CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST: THINGS YOULL NEED: 1 vanilla cake recipe (video above) 2 cups cream cheese frosting (video above) **Note: you can always add more cream cheese frosting into your crumbs, but you can never take it out, so add a little bit at a time, until you get the right consistency. DO NOT just add in 2 cups of frosting. If you use a different cake than mine, you most likely will have different measurements of frosting, so start with 1/2 cup and work your way up. **Note: If you use my cake recipe, this will yield you about 24 cake pops black candy melts green candy melts yellow candy melts orange candy melts white chocolate or candy melts googly eyes white bones green bones or green chocolate covered sun flower seeds edible markers toothpicks cake pop sticks foam floral arranger (for holding cake pops upright)

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