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Watch Hey guys what is up? It is me, NeilRodriguezTV and I am back for another video. And since the Halloween is coming up, here what you can do for halloween season! Hope you enjoy and send me some pictures because I would love to see them :) Social Media’s: Facebook: @neilrodriguezxd Facebook Page: @NeilRodriguezTV Twitter: @NeilRodriguez_ Instagram: @neilrodriguez_ Snapchat: @neilrodriguez12 E-mail: [email protected] Products Mentioned: Mary Kay Cosmetics Mac Cosmetics EB Advance Cosmetics Ashley Maybelline Cosmetics #NeilRodriguezTV #NeilRodriguezHalloweenSeries #NeilRodriguezSuiSquadSeries #SuiSquadMakeUp #SuicideSquadMakeUp Disclaimer: This video is not Sponsored. Subscribe! XOXO!!

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