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Watch Check Out Maher Zains New Album One: Order from iTunes/Amazon now: ©2016 Awakening Records - Salam Alaikum is the first official music video to be released from Awakening artist Harris Js debut album Salam and is directed by Mike Harris. Album OUT NOW! - Listen to full Album on YouTube: iTunes: Spotify: Awakening Store: Amazon: Google Play Music: Anghami: SoundCloud: Download Harris Js Mobile App. Free Now: From iTunes (iOS): From Google Play Store (Android): Harris J is a young British Muslim artist signed to Awakening Records after winning Awakenings social media powered talent contest. He has a passion and natural talent for singing and performing. In July 2015 Harris J graduated from the world renowned BRIT School of Performing Arts in London (alumni include Adele, Amy Winehouse and others). His debut album Salam is OUT NOW. Subscribe now: Connect with Harris J: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: -- Written by Paddy Dalton, Moh Denebi, Maher Zain and Bara Kherigi -- Salam Alaikum Lyrics: You can try and turn off the sun I’m still going to shine away, yeah And tell everyone We’re having some fun today We can go wherever you want to And do whatever you like Let’s just have a real good time CHORUS: Assalamu Alaikum, Alaikum yeah! (Peace be upon you) I just want to spread love and peace And all of my happiness, yeah To everyone I that meet ‘Cause Im feeling spectacular I love it when we love one another Give thanks everyday For this life, living with a smile on our face CHORUS Spread peace on the earth Cherish the love that is around us Spread peace on the earth Treasure the love, let it surround us Always be kind, always remind one another Peace on the earth everyday CHORUS Assalamu Alaikum, hey! Assalamu Alaikum, hey! Assalamu Alaikum Wa Alaikum Assalam Spread peace on the earth Cherish the love that is around us Spread peace on the earth every day -- Connect with Awakening Records: Facebook: Twitter: Website: --

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