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Watch Virtuosity means masterly perfection, the highest degree of artistic skills. It is a special state where the artist overcomes technical difficulties without extra effort to fully indulge in the joy of music making. At Haydns concerts, barriers were set up to control the frantic crowd. But live instruments have fallen into the background by the 21st century. At the same time, there are three artists who feel a burning desire to prove that classical music has not lost anything from its power and that classical instruments have a place in todays mainstream musical world. This is the Rise of the Instruments. --- Follow HAVASI: --- Rise of the Instruments (Official Music Video) Composed and performed by: HAVASI Featuring: Dohnanyi Symphony Orchestra Budafok Tina Guo, Cello Peter Pejtsik, Cello Endi, Drums Producer and Creative Director: Csaba Marjai Costume Designer: Tamas Naray Film Director: Laszlo Krisko D.O.P.: Zoltan Csincsi Sound Engineer: Gabor Juhos Music Production Director: Miklos Lukacs

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