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Watch Share this video with your Mom, your Dad, oh and dont forget all the cousins ;) Tell them you need to go to Hawaii ASAP, because it definitely is one of the most amazing places on earth. Thank you for following along my journey and for making my dreams possible. I wanted to focus this video on the people I meet and adventure with and show what is possible with a group of friends. I wanted to share the good times at a campfire, and some rewarding hikes. Hope I was able to give you a small glimpse of my amazing journey. My Social Links : Instagram // Twitter // Snapchat // Thank you Nai and Sage for some additional clips : Nais Instagram // Sages Instagram // All the people in this video can be found here : Nais Instagram // Sages Instagram // Kelseys Instagram // Chelseas Instagram // Josiahs Instagram // Sams Instagram // Allies Instagram // Megans Instagram // Briannas Instagram // Kanoas Instagram // People who inspire me: Sam Kolder Insta- Youtube- Rory Kramer Insta- Matt Komo Insta- Youtube- Thank you all so much for watching, do not forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Music was kindly provided by : Go support the amazing creators who make this song and remix! Thank you all so much for watching! Get on twitter, snapchat, Instagram, and share the video if you can! Will mean the world! Ill be sure to hunt you down and support you! **Some clips from this video are from my first trip. That video had to be taken down because of a brand issue and sadly I was not able to do anything about it. I decided to go back to Hawaii and create this instead! Hope you enjoyed this one more and can understand the issue! Thank you!

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