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Watch Now a days the perception of role model has been very narrow. Tahsan, Mashrafee,Sulamain shukhon, ayman sadik, samlan muqtadir they are kind of Idolized . As a result are forgetting our true heroes . For a greater benefit we should know about our true personalities. The motivation standard should be upgraded . Information source : Daily Star Tomas Titu wikipedia prothom alo Hypocrite Bangladesh softcore stories by I K Sabbir is platform of telling softcore stories neither stand up comedy nor bangla funny video.So what is it ? ? hellow folks ! welcome back to the second episode of Hypocrite bangladesh softcore stories by I K sabbir . my first video was that much hilarious that youtube suspended my channel . but who cares . I am back with another channel . so what i find this time is era of motivational speech and legends ! everyone is motivational speaker over there .some are trying to push everyone to become outsourcing expert . or some are trying to built youtube nation . the standard of motivation is now 6 digit salary ! and they are kind of legend to us now a days get back in reality . we dont actually want to be like them . we want to be doctor engineer banker public servent and so on . so who should be our idle people ? let us watch a clip .. can those legend make this father smile ? no they can not . so what should be our motivation standard . Nobel prize is undoubtedly the most prestigious award in the world . In 2015 Iris Doctor William c Campbell and satoshi omura got Nobel prize . another person could join this this club who is a Bangladeshi .just because of he is was not alive at that moment and Nobel is only awarded to living people that Bangladeshi doctor could not get recognized properly .why i am saying properly ? because William mentioned his name and works in his award winning speech . and the person is Dr M A aziz . lets see what William said ... Now we know that Dr aziz was the first one who directed the clinical trial of Ivermectin. he completed his MBBS from Dhaka medical college and his batch was k-7. later on he received PHD degree from university of minesota . from 1962 to 1973 he was a faculty and researcher of that university/.In 1981 he invented ivermactin and in 1982 this notable work was published in journal lancet. Can you believe till now around 100 million people around the world used this therapy . and every year 8 million people are taking this treatment for river blindness In africa north america and western Asia .. unfortunately we dont know much about this person . Now i will talk about another person . the name of the person is Dr A K M lutfor rahman.If your age is under 30 and born in Bangladesh then who eve you are .. this person has contribution in your life . how ? can you recall the phrase apnar shishu k Tika din ? all of us have taken those vaccines after our birth . yes he is one who started this project. Bangladesh is a wonder in educated erina of the world for success in immunization lutfor is the first person who understood the importance of immunization and his thought was if you can convince the people that you do not need to take 5-6 children because 2-3 wont die for severe disease then there will be less population . Now we are very much disturbed about our over populated country . just imagine if he was not there the population of Bangladesh would be now 50 crore !! Now I am going talk about another person .i hope many of you might know his name . He was selected as National professor of the country for his remarkable works. He was awarded Ekushey Padak in 2009 and Independence Day Award in 2016 by the Government of Bangladesh. just pay a look to his awards .. He is none other than the child specialist Dr M R khan . Now i will inform you about another ekushey padak winner .this ekushey padak does not conclude his achievement perfectly. Beacuse he is known as the teacher of teacher . his written books are read by medical students of more than 40 countries of the world . yes he is a bangladeshi doctor and writer . while every professor level doctor charges 1000-1200 Taka he charges only 300 taka for per visit. i am taking about Dr A B M abdullah . like them there are so many legendary person in our country . from Dr din mohammad nurul hauqe ,Dr al mahir ,Dr joarder, fakhrul islam , to endless . they should be the idle of the country but they are kind of unknown. But end of the day doctors are koshai . why ? they seat in many chamber in one day ! but do you know that there are only 80 thousand certified doctors and the number of practicing doctors is 60000 thousand for 16 crore people .where the are 9 lakh rickshaws only in dhaka city ! humayun ahmed said - onek kharap purshush thakte pare kintu kharap baba ektio nei .i will say there can be bad businessperson but there is no bad doctor . and there is difference between doctors and businessperson .

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