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Watch HQ Music Dana Winner-Conquest Of Paradise, [HD 1080p ] lyrics English Portuguese Legendado Inglês / português /Brazil /Portugal Dana Winner is the stage name of Chantal Vanlee (born in Hasselt, 10 February 1965). She is a Belgian singer who is famous especially in Flanders, South Africa and the Netherlands. In 1990 she released her first single Op het dak van de wereld, (Dutch: On the roof of the world), a cover of The Carpenters Top of the World from 1973. In 1993 she became really popular with Woordenloos (Dutch: Without words). However, it was only in 1995 that she released her only hit single so far to reach the Dutch Top 40, Westenwind. This was a cover of the former hit One Way Wind by the Volendam group The Cats. After her first success, Dana Winner also became well known in Germany and South Africa. At the end of the 1990s, she began singing in other languages and did not release an album in Dutch between 2000 and 2006. It was also in 2006 that she got a permanent memento in Bornem, along the SIM-route. Dana Winner Born Chantal Vanlee 2 October 1965 (age 48) Hasselt, Belgium Nationality Belgium Occupation singer ******************************** Conquest of Paradise is a 1992 song recorded by Vangelis. It was the soundtrack from Ridley Scotts 1992 film 1492: Conquest of Paradise and the lead single from the album of the same name. The song achieved huge success in many countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland where it topped the singles chart, but was a relative failure in UK where it only peaked at #33. The songs popularity had been boosted in Germany by boxer Henry Maske using it as his theme song. Conquest of Paradise is played at home games for the New Zealand Super 15 rugby team Crusaders and Super League teams Widnes Vikings and Wigan Worriers. These days it is the unofficial theme tune for the city of Christchurch where the Crusaders rugby team is based.Conquest of Paradise was also played at the 2011 ICC World Cup, the most prestigious cricket tournament, just before the national anthems of the two contesting national teams were played at the start of every match. It was also played during the 2010 ICC World Twenty20 held in West Indies.At the 2011 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, Conquest of Paradise was played when competitors finished the 150 km long race.It is also used by the Engadin Skimarathon to introduce the start of the competitors waves. At least in the years 2010-2013. Usually every minute it is interrupted to announce the time until go!.The song has been covered by many artists, including Blake, Klaus Schulze, Free the Spirit, the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project, John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra (1996), Daylight (1997), Dana Winner (2002), The Ten Tenors (2004) and Rhydian (2009).The single Conquest of Paradise has also been inserted in the 2007 Chinese TV drama series Soldiers Sortie, and is used as the theme song in the Bollywood movie, Koyla (1997).Its chord progression is based on the old European theme La Follia. **** Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou (Greek: Ευάγγελος Οδυσσέας Παπαθανασίου [evˈaɲɟelos oðiˈseas papaθanaˈsiu]; born 29 March 1943), professionally known as Vangelis (/væŋˈɡɛlɨs/, is a Greek composer of electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz, pop rock, and orchestral music. He is best known for his Academy Award-winning score for the film Chariots of Fire, composing scores for the films Antarctica, Blade Runner, 1492: Conquest of Paradise and Alexander, and the use of his music in the PBS documentary Cosmos: A Personal Voyage by Carl Sagan. Vangelis began his professional musical career working with several popular bands of the 1960s such as The Forminx and Aphrodites Child, with the latters album 666 going on to be recognized as a psychedelic classic. Throughout the 1970s, Vangelis composed music scores for several animal documentaries, including LApocalypse Des Animaux, La Fête sauvage and Opéra sauvage; the success of these scores brought him into the film scoring mainstream. In the early 1980s, Vangelis formed a musical partnership with Jon Anderson, the lead singer of progressive rock band Yes, and the duo went on to release several albums together as Jon and Vangelis.In 1981, he composed the score for the Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire, which won him the Academy Award for Best Original Music Score. The soundtracks single, Titles, also reached the top of the American Billboard Hot 100 chart and was used as the background music at the London 2012 Olympics winners medal presentation ceremonies.Having had a career in music spanning over 50 years and having composed and performed more than 52 albums, Vangelis is one of the most important exponents of electronic music.Birth name Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou Born 29 March 1943 (age 70) Origin Volos, Greece Genres Electronic, progressive rock, classical, new age

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