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Watch Update: 4th March 2016: Hey!! Finally starting work on the remake! Plus learning some new songs. Gonna give Circus Monster a go, and Matryoshka. Though that one will take some time. Ive also got some others on my list including senbonzakura, love is war, and joker. If anyone has any requests, let me know Ill have a look at them! Update: 6th September 2015: So yeah... Ive still yet to do the remake.. ended up really busy this summer with driving lessons, and getting ready for uni. It will happen though. I would also like to remind people to please give credit if you use any of my work. All that I ask is you put all credit to the original creator of this version in the video description. A little bit of curtsey goes a long way in this world. Update: 25th April 2015: I can now confirm I will be re-making this music box this summer, and once it is complete and the timings are sorted I shall release an MP3 (if you want an mp3 of this version then use a converter). I would like to know however if people would be interested in more things like this, and if so what songs? Ill give most things a go, but if you dont suggest I wont know what interests you. Update 2/March/2015: Over 50k views.. -passes out- This is currently my most popular video, and I am so happy so many of you like it! I may start doing things similar to this more regularly. At any rate, in July/August this year I shall start remaking this piece and I shall improve it. Fix those timing issues and what not (o´▽`o) Update 12/Nov/2014: Nya! over 17k views! Im so happy so many of you like it! Though the 7 people who disliked me can be attacked by SeeU tonight! Mwahahaha! Just kidding, I wouldnt do that.. I think once I get my UTAUs English voicebank sorted that Ill cover the song in English with the music box since you all seem to love this so much! (Though I may re-do the music box just to fit it to lyrics easier..) Update 07/July/2014: Over 4,000 views... I have to admit, I never expected to see that. This is now my most watched video, beating my MMD Tutorial by about 120 views. Update 04/April/2014: This has become one of my most popular videos bit upsetting since its only at 1,254 views but I might get back to finishing this with the left hand part added in too... Once.. I er.. learn it properly... ------------------------------------------------------------ Ive been learning to play this song on the piano, so I decided to do a music box version of it. Sounds pretty epic in my opinion. Ah! Ill update it with a much better version once I get better at the song. I will also upload an mp3 once I have a better version of this, and it will be free for all and anyone to use so long as credit is given.

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