Click to Watch in HD > HM King of Thailand - Love At Sundown - Played By Mike Nisbet and Band in New Zealand

Watch First of all sorry for the low quality as this was recorded with the only device I had at the time being my mobile phone! This is Mike Nisbet and his band playing His Majesty the King of Thailands Love At Sundown (ยามเย็น). Recorded on 21/01/2012 at the Matakana Farmers Market in New Zealand. They have done a tremendous job playing His Majestys music as they did not have sheet music to play from and so had to transcribe their own notes based on other youtube videos available to them, so hats off to these guys for doing such a wonderful job! The idea was first conceived by Prapaipan Thongkamtang who lives in New Zealand also. She heard Mike Nisbet playing at the Matakana Market and though it would be a great idea to have them play the King of Thailands music at His Majestys birthday celebration ceremony here in NZ, and so thats how it all started! Please enjoy! :)

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