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Watch Today. In this video. Ill show for everyone and beginners Learn How to Download your Photo Albums from Facebook 2016 Step1: Go to your timeline by clicking on your name Step 2: Click On Photos on your facebook Step 3: Click On Albums Step 4: Open the album that you would like to download Step 5: Click the gear icon and select Download Albums on your facebook Step 6: Click on button Continue - Show notification successful albums download Step 7: Click on notification so save as albums on your computer . - - Now click here SAVE Step 8: Click creat new folder on your computer, after folder name Step 9: Click open file albums download - You choose Open File your download Final: Youve downloaded a zipped folder of album images - You should now see photo ... Now you need to uncompress or unzip the file to use it. If you like this video, dont forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! share and comment with everyone

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