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Watch A new poll by mens magazine Details has revealed the Top 5 sexiest women who top the list of celebrity hotties. And no, its not Angelina Jolie at #1. Its the era of Jennifer Aniston. The Friends star aces the list! We wonder if youve noticed, Jens on the rise now. Shes taken control of her life and is charging up the popularity charts. First step on the way up is to dump wishy-washy boyfriend John Mayer. Great going, Jen! Angelina Jolie is the one on the downward curve now. She is going through some harsh times - a killer diet and fury at partner Brad Pitt for having given the nanny a lil rub. Megan Fox is still a hot favourite. Though she concedes top spot to Jen, she doesnt fall way behind. Shes at #2 waiting for the right moment to snatch back the spot. Maybe with the Transformers sequel shell get right back up. At #3 we have Gisele Bundchen. This win must taste sweet for the newly wed supermodel. Move over Aishwarya Rai. Youre no longer the big Indian name in Hollywood. Frieda Pinto inserts herself into the top league by claiming the spot at #4. Kim Kardashian has got no claim to fame except her curves and her sex tape. And this poll has been honest by acknowledging that her curves are all she needs to make the list. Welcome to my channel,Top5s. A channel with Top5 style videos on some of the most interesting subjects in the world! I love making all kinds of videos from H... Welcome to our channel! We make the best Top 5 videos ranging anywhere from fun facts, paranormal stories, scary true events/stories, unsolved mysteries etc. Video shot by: Jaleel Grant Williams Edited by: BrukshotProductions. For any inquires on Music Videos, Mixtape ...

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