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Watch How to Create a Fantasy Haven for Travelers in Photoshop Once activated, use it to select the sky of the stock image Now, that a selection area has been made, drag this sky now to our canvas using the Move tool (V). Put this layer now below the foreground layer in the layer window by left-clicking on it and then dragging it below the foreground layer. Next, we would need to change the Color of the sky so it would blend in well with our foreground; to do that, make sure that the active layer is the sky and then go to Image Adjustments Color Balance. Once it is open, input the following values on their respective fields: Color Levels: +35, 0, -55 Tone Balance: Midtones Preserve Luminosity: Check The result of that should be similar to this: Step 4: Enhance the Light of the background and foreground Now, in this Step, we will be revamping the light of our background and of the foreground as well. To start, let’s create a new layer (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N) and then name it: “Light 1”. Make sure to put this layer above all the layers that we’ve created so that the effect created will cover both the foreground and background layers.

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