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Watch Incredible way to boost wifi signal from your neighbor. All of us we have cds around the house,so find one and try it this life hack to boost any wifi signal for free. Just place it behind any device that receive wifi signal and thats it. Will it explode-Bottle: Home theater video: HACKSCRIBE to my channel page and visit my cool videos: Add me on Facebook (click LIKE on Facebook to add me) RANDOM VIDEO PROJECTS DIY Keychain Phone Charger: Homemade 3Doodler: How To Make Most Secret Stash Ever: How To Make Mini Crossbow Out Of Pen: How To Make Shocking Pen: How To Make Smoke Ring Launcher: DIY Glowing Spitballs: How To Make Cardboard Bionic Hand : Monster 10,000 Lumens 1000w equiv.LED Flashlight: HOLOGRAM PROJECTS Making 3D Hologram From Bottle: New i3DG Hologram for Smartphones and Tablets: How To Make 3D Hologram Projector - No Glasses: Turn Your TV Into a 3D Hologram Projector:

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