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Watch How to make clock in old CD? Its a very easy project for kids and adults.Anyone can done it in their home with the old parts. Needed Things : OLD CD, Old clock Machine,Battery,Double Side Tape How To Make: Take Old CD write no from 1 to 12 like in clock then take old clock machine place it to the back of CD.After that insert small and big arrows then second arrow.Connect battery to the old clock machine.Thats it your cock is now ready. How to make Windmill at Home : How To Make ATM Machine at Home : Its a very easy DIY Project anyone can do it in their home. Simple DIY Projects|Clock diy project|how to make clock at home|how to make diy clock|how to make old cd projects|how to make in old cds|clock diy projects| how to make clock from scratch|how to make clock using cd|kids projects|toy clock project|how to make clock for adults|how to make clock at home for kids

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