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Watch A NEW VIDEO WILL BE UPLOADED EVERYDAY !! This is my cool stop motion film by using my childhood favorite candies and snacks . I hope you guys enjoy this animation !! I also put this video for YOUTUBE NEXTUP [TH] Contest !! Looking forward to new episode ! ► ElieOops Channel ► (New Video Everyday) ELIEOOPS ALL EPISODE : ► and list=UUuHKoGAr94UtR2AnKw1O8mQ Latest episode : ► FOLLOW ME ► Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Lets have fun with Everyday video on ElieOops Channel ! Please Subscribe!! ► Created By Supakorn (Jack) and Pin-Chen (Elie) PO BOX : Send me your shout out postcard or stuffs here. - Coming Soon - =================================================== Hi everyone!! I’m Elie , and welcome to Elie Oops Channel !!! In this channel you will see a lot of funny stuffs such as making slime , silly putty, Play Doh , Thinging Putty , Clay animation, Elsa toy animation ,stop motion , Kids arts and also cool magic tricks. You can follow my tutorial to try to make your own master pieces! I really love to make slime and play with Play Doh. There are so many tutorials of slime and playdoh in my channel. Please, feel free to share your opinions and suggestions on my videos, my slime , silly putty and PlayDoh. I will keep improving my channel, and sure !! I will bring your Ideas and make it on my videos! I really hope that everyone will love and enjoy my videos. =================================================== Please subscribe my channel to see more following project . Likes and comments will help me a lot to improve the production. If you have any comment and suggestion please let me know. Watch more funny videos, please visit my channel

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