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Watch Hidden Cam Pick Up | I set out to record some Daygame infield in NYC this past weekend and after getting rejected by a multitude of girls that I wasnt that attracted to... I met HER. FREE COURSE: I picked her up by asking a long winded opener about a local coffee shop that wasnt a Starbucks and after getting very flirtatious and physically playful, she invited me to come back to her house. You may see the opener and think Ok, you came off as nervous, and couldnt find your words. The truth is that I was completely in the zone and ready to speak with perfect verbal fluidity but I lengthened the opener ON PURPOSE. By doing so, I am forcing investment. She has to stand there and really listen to what Im saying and engage more than if I quickly said Excuse me, do you know if theres a Starbucks around here? This is a very good example also of the RIGHT way to get physical with a girl. It was all very calibrated and moved very smoothly. I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed filming it ;) Free Course: COACHING: Private Group: Facebook Page: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: Always feel free to email me: [email protected] I created Evolution Daily to teach guys how to meet girls. Its as simple as that. Whatever your goal is, whether you want a girlfriend, one night stands, or even a wife. My channel will help you along the way. I grew up as a fat kid and I was never more than a friend to any girl that came into my life. After high school and throughout college I reached an all time high of 290 lbs (Im 511) and dealt with severe anxiety and depression. I was 22 years old when I turned everything around. I discovered THE GAME. I lost the weight, I took care of my body, I cured my depression, I started doing stand up comedy. Now after 4 years of relentlessly going out to become better with women, I present to you... Evolution Daily

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