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Watch After a tremendous 2015 with releases from Fre4knc, , Safire, Rido, Proxima, Alix Perez, Kolectiv, Survey, Cursa and Icicle, Plasma Audio have more than proved their mustard when it comes to bringing out heavyweight drum and bass records. Now theyre here with their first offering for 2016. Hybris makes his Plasma Audio debut with Carousel, a track which combines the elements that Plasma Audio have become most known for. Masterful production technique combined with a boundary pushing approach to the genres sound and what it is capable of. Rotor by Signs on the flip unleashes mayhem on your ears and catches you off guard after the Hybris track. A balanced and precise 12 to start 2016 for Plasma Audio. - Hybris - Like ► Follow ► - NeurofunkGrid - Like ► Follow ► Watch ► Listen ► Get down ► Party ► Merch Store ► Subscribe ► Logo by Animation by

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