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Watch Official Facebook- Đi Bụi | Exclusive song for Lang Van Inc. Bài hát độc quyền bởi Lang Van, Inc. MV Producer | by Lang Van Inc. MV Director | by Thibaud Thaillant MV Art Director | by Phiton MV Assistant Director | Huy Hoang MV Cinematographer | by Thibaud Thaillant MV Editor | by Thibaud Thaillant MV Assistant Editor | by Bong MV Model | Nina Nagual MV Special Guest | Wowy, Phiton MV Assistants | Thi Hoang, Linh Ngo Music | Produced by Lang Van, Inc. Music | Director by Phiton Music | Composer Nah Music | Lyrics by Nah Music | Vocals Nah featuring Nam Huong Music | Beats by Young Blood Music | Engineered by MaQ Man MV, Music and Lyrics are exclusive Copyrights of Lang Van Inc. 2014 Official Website: Official Youtube-

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