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Watch Download this song: My Patreon page: Written/performed/produced by Lauren OConnell ----- Ive spent time Just figuring ways Something more certain than just hoping you will stay But what good is that When its so hard to tell If I could give you anything That you could not find better somewhere else Help me out, help me out Ive tried to count The things Id do What I would change if I only knew how to And I dont know why But for better or worse I cant shake this need Ive got For you to know exactly what Im worth Help me out, help me out Is it all right to know that youre not better off? Is it okay for me to wish that you were lonelier when I was gone? Cause Ive loved you the best that I know how But I think Im loving you wrong And I would rather be gone I grew up to find My heart open And my hand held out like fate owed me something But should I even want it Like were all built to hold Under the pressure that just comes along With knowing that youre something somebody chose Help me out, help me out I just need somewhere to go Some dirt to fill some holes and there are plenty Of ways to get that done Its just that I want little to do With anybody whos not you And I have noticed Thats almost everyone

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