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Watch Child In Time is an album by British jazz-rock fusion band Ian Gillan Band, released in 1976. The album took its title from the Deep Purple song Child in Time, a version of which appears on side two of the LP. This was Ian Gillans first release after leaving Deep Purple, and also features his former Deep Purple colleague Roger Glover. Although not credited with playing on the album, Dave Wintour (bass player), Andy Steele (drummer) and Bernie Holland (guitarist), are listed among the songs composers. In fact, Gillan had been recording demo tapes with non-Deep Purple material as early as 1972, and much of the Child In Time material was taken from the period September 1972 to April 1974. The album was recorded at Musicland Studios, Munich between December 1975 and January 1976 and mixed at Mountain Studio in Montreux. One single was released from the album, You Make Me Feel So Good/Shame in the UK in July 1976, on the Oyster label. Although Ian Gillan Band went on to produce material more suited to their jazz-rock label, this first album has much more of a harder rhythm and blues style.

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